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Technical Advice and Opinion

SpillResolve’s expert consultancy, remediation, civil engineering and construction team has the necessary expertise and experience to provide the following technical services:

  • Rapid response site attendances to determine the range of emergency measures required
  • Rapid response on-site surveying to provide a fast track preliminary contaminant assessment
  • Fully equipped emergency response vehicles and deployment of rapid response technical teams and equipment
  • Identification of the contaminant of concern both in terms of the pollutant source and developing site specific remediation targets
  • Identification of the pollutant source with corroborative evidence including forensic analysis, reviews of evidential testimonies, review of anecdotal evidence, background searches and planning searches
  • Pollutant mapping to provide a three-dimensional profile of the contaminant plume
  • Conceptual modelling and risk assessment to confirm the environmental and/or health risks
  • Development of and adherence to legally compliant treatment objectives and targets
  • The design, implementation and monitoring of innovative site-specific remedial programmes that are fully compliant with all relevant waste management legislation
  • Provision of expert validation services to confirm that the previously identified contamination has been successfully addressed.

SpillResolve’s procedures and protocols have been formulated and tested over a period of twenty years to ensure that the services we provide meet the requirements of all of our clients.

For free initial advice and assistance please call our emergency freephone helpline numbers:
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