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About Us

Our Policy

Our core value is to provide a quality service to attain the highest possible standards at a reasonable price. We invest heavily in research and development to ensure that our market leading remediation technologies continue to deliver innovation and excellence. Listening to our clients ensures that their specific needs are met and our remediation designs are founded on that principle. One size does not fit all.

Our Operational Model

The key elements of our operations are knowledge, organisation, speed, expertise and communication delivering a high-quality service at a reasonable cost.Through those core elements we continue to provide the following quality specialist services:

  • Rapid Response Emergency Services & Containment
  • Emergency plumbing using our team of qualified and certified heating engineers
  • Detailed Site Investigations to Enable an Accurate Contaminant Profile to be Developed
  • Specialist Remediation Design, Installation and Management of all Remediation Programmes and Treatment Systems. Each programme is site specific to meet the unique needs of each individual property
  • Health & Safety Review, Management and Compliance
  • Environmental Audits and Statutory Compliance
  • Project Management
  • Technical and Environmental Reviews and Reports
  • Legal Opinion & Review
  • Specialist Training Programmes.
  • Monitoring and Site Validation/Completion Surveys
  • Full Reinstatement Services

Our Team

The team at SpillResolve Limited consists of a management structure that has been at the forefront of oil spill response and remediation services for over twenty years. We assign a project manager to your case that has many years’ experience of managing oil pollution cases and they will keep you apprised of all developments. Our management team, environmental consultants and technical staff have the necessary qualifications, experience and expertise to cover all of the services required to:

  • investigate the spillage/pollution incident
  • determine the contaminant extent
  • complete the necessary risk assessments
  • determine and undertake the emergency containment works required
  • design an appropriate remedial works programme
  • undertake all of the remedial works
  • manage, monitor and validate the remedial works
  • complete all of the reinstatement works required
  • provide the necessary technical documentation to confirm the successful remediation of the pollution.

For free initial advice and assistance please call our emergency freephone helpline numbers:
1800 818873 (ROI) / 0800 0286020 (UK)
Alternatively you can email us at:

Our Core Values

As a company SpillResolve is committed to providing a high-quality service at a reasonable price. We never compromise on quality and we believe that is why the teams at SpillResolve are market leaders and have been for the last twenty years. Our approach is pragmatic in that the services we provide for each client are determined on a case by case basis and if a particular service is not needed then we will not recommend it.

Customer service and communication is central to our operational philosophy. We regularly update clients and all project stakeholders to ensure that everyone is up to date with all developments. Furthermore, we listen to our clients to ensure that our services are shaped to meet their specific needs.

Utilising expert teams using the latest remediation technologies we are able to deliver high quality remediation programmes at a reasonable cost. Our adoption of strict treatment objectives using the latest remediation technologies means that we continue to provide sustainable and high quality treatment programmes at a reasonable cost.