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Site Investigation

Oil Spill Response and Investigation

The management and site teams at SpillResolve Limited have over twenty years’ experience together with the necessary training and expertise in the field of oil spill response and pollution consultancy and investigation.Our consultancy division provides a full range of certified services including;

  • Site walkover surveys
  • Soil gas surveys
  • indoor air quality surveys using a Photo-Ioniser Detector
  • Formal indoor air surveys with supporting laboratory analysis
  • Intrusive borehole and trial pit investigations
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Land Contamination surveys and risk assessments
  • Structural pollutant impact surveys
  • Full monitoring surveys
  • Complete validation surveys with supporting validation report and independent analysis

For free initial advice and assistance please call our emergency freephone helpline numbers:
1800 818873 (ROI) / 0800 0286020 (UK)
Alternatively you can email us at:

The site investigation phase of any pollution event is the most critical stage as it is essential that the extent of the contamination is accurately and fully identified. To that end SpillResolve has developed and maintained the strictest investigation protocols and procedures. Our site investigations include the following:

  • Initial emergency site attendance and advice to include the collection of on-site data, readings, measurements, identification of potential of human and environmental risks and assessment of the need for emergency containment works
  • Semi-intrusive site investigations to include VOC probe surveys and trial pits to plot the contaminant extent
  • Provision of intrusive site investigations including trial pit and hand auger surveys, window sampling surveys to 7m below ground level and mechanically excavated trial pits to plot the contaminant extent
  • On-site collection and analysis of samples to provide instant data
  • Accredited analysis of soil, structural and groundwater samples
  • The collection, analysis and interpretation of indoor air samples
  • The interpretation of all findings consistent with current waste management legislation and industry best practice
  • Conceptual modelling and risk assessment
  • Industry leading, comprehensive and user-friendly site investigation reports
  • A full range of environmental consultancy services to meet all of our clients’ needs.