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Absorbents & Containment

As soon as you discover an oil leak from your heating system or you notice oil odours inside your home it is essential that you act quickly to prevent the oil from spreading. Spilt oil will continue to move causing further damage particularly if the leak is located beside structures, foundations and underground pipes and cables. As soon as you discover the oil leak you should turn off your oil supply at the tank and contact SpillResolve on:

SpillResolve holds large stock supplies of oil absorbent pads, cushions, granules and booms to help absorb the surface oil contamination. Supplies of these items are held in all of our response vehicles.

For free initial advice and assistance please call our emergency freephone helpline numbers:
1800 818873 (ROI) / 0800 0286020 (UK)
Alternatively you can email us at:

For contamination that has migrated into the ground SpillResolve has the necessary plant and equipment to install recovery wells and sumps to curtail the spread of the contaminants along structures and on groundwater. Further our in-situ containment systems will also pump the contamination into dedicated filter/treatment systems which not only prevents the contamination from spreading further it also assists in the clean up of the oil contamination.

If the contamination has migrated beneath a building resulting in internal odours we own numerous Vacuum Extraction Units that can be safely installed to lower the oil odours and airborne Volatile Organic Compounds. Should the oil contamination extend into a surface watercourse such as a stream, river or lake we also stock the equipment such as retention booms and skimmers to remove free phase oil from the surface of the water and oil absorbents to assist in the removal phase.